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HIV Symptoms

Are you currently encountering symptoms like muscle pain, elevated body temperature, swollen lymph nodes, or a skin rash?

HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus, is transmitted through contact with blood or bodily fluids, often during activities like sexual intercourse. This virus targets and damages immune cells, leading to a gradual decline in the strength of the immune system.


    • Muscle aches can be an early symptom
    • Chills may accompany fever and other flu-like symptoms
    • Fatigue is a common and persistent symptom
    • Fever is often one of the initial signs of acute HIV infection
    • Night sweats can be a result of fever and may occur in later stages of HIV


    • sore throat can be an early symptom of HIV infection.
    • Swollen lymph nodes, particularly in the neck, can indicate HIV infection or its progression to AIDS.


    • Rash is a possible symptom of HIV, often appearing as red or itchy patches on the skin.

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